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I am Hasibur Rashid, a tech enthusiast from Bangladesh. This is my personal website, where I share my knowledge, thoughts, the people I meet, the books I am reading, and what I am learning.

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Why Choose Me

Hello, I am Hasibur Rashid, a tech enthusiastic from Bangladesh. I have 9+ years’ experience in the software development & IT industry as an IT Professional. I have expertise and experience in Full-Stack Web Development, System Analysis, Design and Development, Software Architecture, Cyber Security, Cloud Computing, Data Science, ERP, IoT, Product Management, Project Management, Business Development Strategy, Branding, IT, MIS, GIS, Monitoring & Evaluation etc. I am motivated and enthusiastic by new challenges and tasks and take an excellent approach to achieving success in all projects.

I like to work on complex projects which have scope for learning and challenge. I have experience in working with different latest trendy technologies. Also, have efficiently managed the team and took care of delivering quality deliverables from my team which proved my managerial and leadership skill.

I am credited with completing Procurement & Install Hardware, designing & developed the Khulna WASA ERP solution, and GIS Mapping of Khulna WASA funded and monitored by ADB, JICA & Bangladesh government.


  • Solution Architect, Sybertronian (Jun 2022- Continue)
  • Lecturer (ICT), FAM (February 2022- Continue)
  • Master Trainer, NCF-2022 (December 2023- Continue)
  • Technical Trainer and Speaker, BCC (September 2018- Continue)
  • CEO, Software-Art (March 2020 – Continue)
  • CTO | Sr. Software Engineer, Unicorns Codes Ltd (April 2018 – January 2022)
  • Sr. Software Engineer, Amreen InfoTech Ltd (April 2017 – March 2018)
  • IT Specialist, SMEC International (Khulna Water Supply Project, Khulna WASA) (November 11, 2015 – February 28, 2017)
  • Software Engineer, Software-Art (March 2014 – October 2015)
  • Freelancer, UpWork, Fiver and other freelance marketplace


Last 9 years I was worked in many different areas of technology System analysis and design, system architecture, cyber security, data science, cloud computing, IoT, ERP, product management, project management, business strategy, branding, networking and technical mentorship.

But largely I am a full-stack web developer and have knowledge of modern technologies like WordPress, Laravel, Node JS, Express, Adonis, Next JS, React, Svelte, Astro, Bootstrap, Tailwind, C#, Java, Python, PHP, MySQL, MongoDB, REST API, GraphQL, Docker, Git DevOps, AWS, SEO and other web frameworks & technologies.


What I do now

I now live in Khulna, Bangladesh. It is my home town. Currently, I operate a totally virtual and eco-friendly digital agency. I also involve in some social work, content creation, mentorship and a technical education center to help people digitally literate for the upcoming new world.

I spend most of my time now building businesses, educating people, content creation, managing a team of extremely talented people & thinking about the future. My income comes from the agencies I run, the content I create, my book royalty, investments I have, the course I sell, freelance consultancy about IT, software, web development, brand building & sponsorship.

I am not a genius I am a very simple and ordinary man. I like to live a minimalistic lifestyle and live in happiness. I love to make people educated and happy.


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